There are two parts to our program. The shooting of an annual documentary featuring Aboriginal tourism in a spectacular and inspiring Australian location, and the Around the Campfire Cup carnivals involving female AFL players from across SA, NT and WA. 

There has been discussion with communities across Central Australia, APY Lands, Pilbara and the Tiwi Islands, who have community members who participate in the annual Around the Campfire Cup carnivals. What they have told us is there is a need for housing, the need for jobs, and the need for on country healing.  


During the week prior to the carnivals and the carnivals themselves, through games, workshops and seminars, our aims are: 

  • To have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women better understand how to facilitate physical and mental healing in their communities involving traditional and contemporary medicine.

  • Discover ways Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women can establish their own business and generate jobs for their family in remote communities. 

  • Establish and foster relationships and networks with other women from across the country. 


Our agreement with Charity TV is to produce one film per year. Each year we will showcase Indigenous tourism from different locations across Australia, giving national and international exposure to those businesses and experiences, with a future outcome of more tourism jobs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 


Over the long term we will offer financial and peer support to women from remote communities who want to learn in greater depth how to facilitate physical and mental healing.  


Funds raised each year through the Charity TV project and others will allow us to pay for travel and accommodation for several women from remote communities to Adelaide or Perth, develop and coordinate workshops and seminars in the areas of health and business during the week leading up the Around the Campfire Cup carnivals, financially and emotionally support women from remote communities who are taking on study in the area of physical and mental healing, and to take our fabulous camera crew to spectacular parts of Australia to promote Indigenous tourism.


Support of Around the Campfire Inc. and the project will allow us to directly support 2 of the 3 issues that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities want addressed; jobs and on country healing. Supporting jobs and on country healing ultimately can address the unacceptable high rates of chronic disease and suicide among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities. Funds raised for Around the Campfire Inc. will help support generational change to health in many remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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